Community Care Law


At AGI Criminal Solicitors we offer advice in all aspects of Community Care. Community care put simply is ‘care in the community, social care or the care provided or facilitated by local authority social services departments’.

Local Authorities have a duty to provide care in the community for the vulnerable to enable them to live as full and as independent a life as possible in the community.

At AGI Criminal Solicitors, we can help you get the care you need, whether for yourself or for a person you usually care for, to ensure they are able to manage daily tasks and lead as independent lives as possible.

The help we offer includes but is not limited to the following:

  • obtaining an assessment of your community care needs
  • residential/nursing care
  • increasing the provision of community care services for you
  • challenging an assessment of your community care needs
  • carers rights (including the right to a carer’s assessment)
  • entitlement to direct payments, personal budgets or individual budgets
  • equality and discrimination
  • charging for care services
  • funding disputes
  • adaptations to your home or the provision of equipment to help you
  • children obtaining care and support services
  • the link between community care and healthcare services
  • financial disputes
  • safeguarding vulnerable adults
  • closure of residential care homes or day centres

We will ensure that your problems, difficulties and care needs are recognised by the NHS and/or a local authority. We will aim to ensure that you receive the full package of community care, continuing healthcare, healthcare or mental health after care services that you require.

Where the NHS or local authority fail to assess your needs or appropriately provide fully costed or funded care services we will help you challenge this. We will also help if unnecessary restrictions have been put on your care services with reference to ‘eligibility criteria’.

Whether by way of formal complaint, negotiation or argument, we will make sure your voice is heard in any dispute with the local authority or any other public body responsible for providing care or public services for you.

If we believe the local authority or any public body is acting irrationally or unreasonably and is in breach of public law principles or your human rights we will seek to challenge them by way of Judicial Review in the Administrative Court.  We have Solicitors with strong human rights backgrounds that have years of experience undertaking Judicial Reviews who will aim to obtain compensation if you have suffered a breach of your human rights through negligent community care.

FUNDING – Legal Aid is available*

*Subject to eligibility